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The only book about the company page

Corinne Keijzer - LinkedIn for business

Learn all the secrets about the LinkedIn company page!

"No company or organization can do without a good LinkedIn company page anymore. With this book you will make it a success story!"

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Corinne Keijzer - LinkedIn for business

Corinne Keijzer

Corinne Keijzer is one of the best known and most successful LinkedIn experts in the Netherlands and has been giving training courses and speaker sessions in this field for years. Her bestseller “More Success with LinkedIn!” has sold over 15,000 copies.

Corinne also helps companies to devise and implement their social media strategy, whereby she works with the employees of LinkedIn itself.

The FOTY awards named her the best independent entrepreneur in the category ‘Coaching and training’ and LinkedIn has appointed her as official ambassador.

Clear and concise guide full of tips and advice

Get more success from your LinkedIn company page

All topics:

The importance of a LinkedIn company page

No business can be without it anymore!

The findability of your company page

Make sure you get found.

Before you start your LinkedIn company page

Important check before you start.

Creating and setting up a Linkedin company page

What does a successful company page look like.

Attract prospects and followers with good content

How to attract more followers to your company page and with what updates.

Employee advocacy - engage your employees

How to get your employees to participate in more awareness and more sales


What forms of advertising are there, what target groups can you focus your ads on and how do you use them effectively.

Settings, performance and management campaigns

How does campaign management work, what statistics can you read.

The 'Working at' page

Profile yourself as an employer with this great option from LinkedIn.

Posting job vacancies

Attract the right candidates to your company or organization.


What can you learn from your company page statistics.


Which ones are all there.

Showcases and related pages

Highlight your products, services or brands separately.

Build visibility using LinkedIn

How to leverage your website and other channels to get more attention for your company page.

Fine manual!

“Now completely rewritten, this latest book is a fine guide to take you fully through LinkedIn’s company page and revamped advertising system.”

How much you can do with it!

“Never knew you had so many options with the LinkedIn company page.

I’m glad we found out all that thanks to Corinne. We are now going like clockwork!”


So many tips!

“Highly recommended to read if you are serious about using LinkedIn as a company.

Thanks to the many tips and advices, we are not only gaining more sales via LinkedIn, but we are now filling our vacancies more easily! Very nice.”